Mini Word Signs

On day 11 of #12daysofchristmascrafts I'm sharing these cute mini word signs, made using ornaments from Dollar Tree! When I saw these ornaments I knew immediately that I wasn't going to be using them for the purpose they were made. And this project turned out exactly how I imagined!


  • Word ornaments (Dollar Tree)
  • Wood (I repurposed mine from a raised garden bed) or rectangular wood blocks
  • Paint
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Saw

Step 1: Measure each word ornament and add 1/4 inch on each side of the word. This will be the measurement for the wood block.

* Be sure to measure each word because they are different lengths.*

Step 2: Cut the wood to size. This wood was left over from a raised garden bed I took apart to use for one of my summer décor projects.

Step 3: Sand any rough edges until smooth.

Step 4: Paint each wood block. I used a dry brush technique to give it the same weathered appearance as the ornaments. 

Step 5: Apply wood glue to the bottom of the ornament and attach to wood block. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

- The wood glue directions state to clamp the pieces. But, I found that holding the word in place for a couple of minutes was enough to hold it upright so the glue could set.

When the glue was fully set, I added these raised snowflake stickers using hot glue. This covers the holes where I removed the twine used to hang the ornament.

And here they are on my floating shelves I recently got from Ikea.

After all these projects I'm seriously considering redecorating the main living space in red! Lol. Just kidding, I love yellow way too much😍.