Multipurpose Collapsible Organizer

Today I have a very quick post for you. As my list grows with projects to complete, I've decided to add a couple of additional posts each month to share some of my easier projects. These will be projects that can typically be completed in a hour or less. A lot less chit chat, just a few pictures and quick steps, so if you wanted to do this you could easily get it done the same day.

I am using this multipurpose organizer for my trunk because I needed something that could hold my reusable shopping bags (that I'm notorious for leaving at home) and those other miscellaneous items that always end up in the trunk.

Ok let's get started.

Step 1:

used hot glue to attach one side of each fabric bin to the other. I only used the glue along the edges.

These are the Dollar Tree fabric storage bins

Step 2: 

expanded the bins and went to organize my trunk

And that's it! A two step and $3 project. It doesn't get simpler that that. Now, your probably wondering why I'm calling this a multipurpose organizer. Well, after I opened it up, I had a thought that with a little finagling you could hang this vertically in a closet and use it as a hanging organizer! What I love about this is you can add as many bins as you want to fit your need.

In addition to the organizer, I want to share this simple first aid kit I put together to keep in the trunk. I have three kids, who are accident prone (they take after me). And, with both my girls in extracurricular activities this year I have to be prepared. 

Cost $7 for everything except the ice pack (which I had on hand)

As always, thanks and God bless!

Living Simply
Mindy ✿