How to make napkin art on canvas

Day 7 of #12daysofchristmascrafts is a craft inspired by yet another You tuber The Magnolia Housewife. She made Fall Napkin pictures using wood. I had never seen this technique before and wanted to try it. So I did! But I used canvas instead of wood. 


  • Canvas (or wood)
  • Napkins large enough to cover the surface
  • Plastic wrap
  • Parchment paper
  • Iron

Step 1: Cut napkin slightly larger than canvas, and separate paper so your left with 1 ply.

Step 2: Lay plastic wrap on canvas, napkin over plastic, and parchment paper over napkin.

Step 3: Iron on high heat setting (with empty iron) for a few minutes. Pay particular attention to the edges of the canvas.

 - You can lift the iron periodically to check for sealed edge. Continue ironing if not fully adhered.

*Tip* Use an old iron if you have one, or be sure the parchment is covering any exposed plastic wrap.

Step 4: Cut off excess napkin/plastic around edges, and file down any jagged edges.

*Step 5 and 6 are optional.

Step 5: Add ribbon around border of canvas. I did this because the print on this particular napkin was smaller than the canvas itself.

- I cut a strip of this glittered ribbon in half lengthwise.

Step 6: Attach a frame easel hinge (the piece that holds a tabletop frame upright) using hot glue. 

 - I had these from some small frames I used to make a lantern. I wanted to be able to stand them up on top of my fridge.

Aren't these cute? Come back tomorrow for day 8!