Budget Outdoor Lighting

So, I finally got around to cleaning up the backyard because we had an outdoor birthday party for our 6 and 10-year-old daughters. I had decided that adding to the one light we have on the back of the house would give us the option to extend our outdoor living time.

I hadn’t come across very many options for inexpensive outdoor lighting (none that fit my taste anyway). After browsing on Pinterest, I decided to create these two DIY lighting projects. And it just so happens that all the items I used are from Dollar Tree making the cost less than $20.

To start I created this easy string light with only two items

Step 1: cut the cups off this string of lights and added batteries. This light string does say “for indoor use only”, so I will not be leaving it outside.

Step 2: inserted each light into the ball decoration where it fit snuggly to avoid having to glue it. I ended up using 2 ½ packages of the balls.

All done!

The second project required a little more technique but, was also quick. The supplies are pictured.

Step 1: removed the stake from the solar light along with the plastic covering and spray painted the rim of the light being sure to cover the solar panel.

Step 2: while the paint dried, I wrapped the floral wire around the rim of the jar leaving about an inch overhang. Then wrapped the wire onto itself to secure.

Step 3: created a handle and tucked the wire under on the other side of the jar leaving another overhang.

Step 4: wrapped the remaining wire overhang around itself to secure.

Step 5: attached the solar lantern to the jars outer lid with hot glue. Then secured the lid back on the jar.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture outside due to a thunderstorm. But for the sake of showing you how it looks in the dark, here are a couple of shots inside. Isn’t it pretty?

Leave me a comment if you've created your own DIY lighting. I would love to see your ideas! Until next time, keep it simple. Thanks, and God Bless!
Living Simply,