DIY Baking Pan Organizer - video tutorial

I’ve been doing some organizing in my kitchen, specifically the cabinets. I have a tendency to reorganize things that aren’t put back properly by my kids or husband! It’s a terrible habit that I am trying to break, but I’m also trying to make it easier on my family by putting systems in place that will work for all of us.

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Cheap and easy dish cabinet organization

For the longest time, I had been procrastinating about rearranging this cabinet. The corner is soo deep, things can easily get lost in there if you don't pay attention. But, with some rearranging and the addition of a couple of shelf risers, I can now see to the back of the cabinet.

I think the before and after pictures will speak for themselves.

I simply swapped the location of the cups and plates. 


And added a dollar store shelf riser to expand the capacity of the narrower cabinet.

With the plates in the other side ...

I added a larger shelf riser (5.99) to break up the plates/bowls, and make it easier to grab one when needed.

Of course, in the process there were some items that went into the trash. But there were also a few items added to our donation bin, which will hopefully go on to a new home where they can be put to use.

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