Diy Hot drink Station

With the colder weather fast approaching, I thought I would set up a hot drink station. Of course I had to get a little creative with placement since I don't have a lot of counter space. But, since I painted the countertop, I had switched the placement of my toaster oven and coffee maker, which made better use of the space. 

Since the coffee maker is now in a corner where the counter is rarely used, there is an area where a small shelf will fit perfectly. And where do you find a small enough shelf? Dollar tree of course. I used one of the small cabinet risers to create a cute little shelf.

To make a shelf out of the cabinet riser I used foam board and contact paper, also from Dollar Tree.

First I measured the riser and cut a piece of the foam board to fit on top

I also cut out a second piece to fit the under side of the riser

 - I used hot glue to secure the foam board on the riser so it wouldn't move while applying the contact paper

I then measured and cut out two pieces of the contact paper to cover the foam board and any visible pieces of the top part of the shelf riser.

*If you've never worked with contact paper check out my dresser update .

Lastly I repurposed a paper towel holder to use as a mug tree.

To complete the drink station, I added a coffee can (from which I removed the label), a small container with stirrers, and a glass jar underneath for hot cocoa.

I'm on the hunt for a hot cocoa recipe that doesn't call for a load of sugar. Any recommendations?