How to make a Simple Fall Centerpiece

I know everyone is all goo-goo ga-ga over the Fall season coming but, I wouldn’t mind a little more summer! I am in New England. And us New Englanders know that summer only lasts about four weeks! I’m exaggerating of course, but that’s how it feels. It seems like by the time the temperature gets into the 80’s it starts dropping again.

Ok, now that I’m done complaining, I’ll tell you a few things do like about Fall. First of all, pumpkin flavored everything! I’m talking muffins, breads, coffee. Oh, and I can’t forget about apple picking, apple pie, and apple butter. Yummy! I’m getting hungry now. Most of all I love fall décor. I just love the color pallet, with all the earthy tones. And I love how you can find things in neutral color schemes to match any décor.

So, this week I’m sharing my Simple Fall centerpiece.

To start I’ll show you the supplies. You’ll see in the end I added to what is shown, but mainly for embellishment.

Step 1: painted the pizza pan using chalk paint

-This one small container of paint goes a long way. I’ve used this for several projects and it's only about half empty. 

Step 2: removed backing and all hardware from each frame, then put the glass back in and glued in each corner to secure

-I only used a tiny dot of hot glue in each corner so it wouldn’t show through the glass

Step 3: I added one of these activity sheets to each glass with double sided tape

-This paper combined with the brown frame just screamed fall, but as you'll see I end up removing the paper.

Step 4: created a lantern by gluing the frames together

*Tip – to make the lantern square alternate attaching each frame, one to the back side and one to the side (if that doesn’t make sense I hope it’s clear in the pictures)

Step 5: added embellishments using flowers I had, and the pumpkins

-I painted the pumpkin stems and spray painted the orange gourd

-I made this floral arrangement by securing with floral wire then floral tape.

I decided afterward to add ribbon to the lantern, to cover the seam where each frame is glued together.

And after I had it all set up I decided to remove the paper because I thought it detracted from the look I was going for. But, I’ll show you both setups. Let me know which one you like better.

Every thing pictured here is from Dollar Tree
-Clockwise from top left- with activity sheets, without sheets, close-up of candle holder, candle lit

For this project, I technically only spent $6 for the frames, pizza pan, and candle. Everything else I had at home from previous use or from other projects I am working on. How cute is that candle with the leaf print!?

I hope this inspires you to come up with some simple fall décor. I would love to know how you're decorating for fall! Thanks, and God Bless!

Living Simply,