DIY Diversion Storage

Hi there! I'm sure you've probably seen those diversion safes (books, cans, secret drawers, etc.) made to look like everyday items, for hiding valuables. But what if you just want to hide that video game system that is sitting on your TV stand but doesn't quite work with your décor?

My husband recently traded in an Xbox One system for a PlayStation 4, and while the new system has a slimmer profile, I didn't want it on the living room TV stand. So, instead of settling for moving it to the bedroom, I decided to cover it. This was a fun, easy project that took minutes to create and is easily customizable to fit in any space.

Project Goals:

1.     Cover up video game system

2.     Add to décor

Step 1: Gather supplies. I used this black and white floral print contact paper (from Dollar Tree) and a shoe box that is slightly larger than the game system (my box was the perfect size).

Step 2: Measure and cut contact paper to fit the box, then cover the box and lid. Here I cut one long strip that wrapped around the box. I placed the box upside down over the game system. I didn’t cover the bottom because it would not be seen.


Step 3: Cut an opening for the wires. This makes it so we can easily lift the box and move it when we need to access the game system.

And voila! It looks like a decorative storage box. It's pretty on its own, or it can be layered with other decorative pieces.  


This only took about a half hour to create, and the cost was just $1 for the contact paper! I had the other supplies on hand.

Next week I will have completed part 1 of my laundry room organization project, in which you’ll see how I’m repurposing the coat/shoe rack from my front entryway. Thanks for stopping by, and God Bless!

Live Simply,

Mindy 💮