How to make a deco mesh wreath

Today is day 1 of my Instagram series #12daysofchristmascrafts. I thought I'd share the diy projects starting from the outside of the house. I was very excited to make a new wreath because we recently had a new door installed! And, this one only cost me $9 to make because I already had the wreath form and wire!

Here are the supplies I used. Everything is from Dollar Tree except for the floral wire 
  • 14 inch wire wreath form
  • 4 rolls of red deco mesh
  • 4 rolls of white deco mesh
  • Floral wire (you could also use chenille stems)
  • Floral pick (not pictured here)

Step 1: Gather the end of the deco mesh, create a small loop around the outside circle of the wreath from, and secure with floral wire

Step 2: Push the deco mesh through the back opening, between the outside circle and the second circle, to create a loop.

Step 3: Starting with the end of the first loop, push the mesh through the second opening to create another loop.

Step 4: Repeat step 2 and 3 until you get around the whole wreath form. 

- The tighter you bunch the loops together, the fuller the wreath will be.
- If you want to use a single color, push the loops through all three wreath form openings

Step 5: Add the white deco mesh following steps 1 through 4. The second loop will be in the second opening of the wreath along with the second red loop.

Step 6: Add floral pick to embellish. I did not glue the pick, it is secured by the wreath frame.

- You can add any embellishments you want to this, i.e. ornaments, flowers, a bow... I opted to keep mine simple.

Then hang on your door and you are done!

Let me know what you think! If you try this, leave a comment with a picture of yours, or tag me on Instagram @simplymindy3 and use the #12daysofchristmascrafts.