Unicorn theme pom-pom garland

My daughter’s have been practically begging me to get their bedroom decorated since we moved in 3 months ago. I am finally getting around to it and they are excited to be getting it done. They’ve had their hearts set on a unicorn theme. I’ll be sharing several projects in this theme over the next few weeks! I hope you like pastels and glitter!

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How I'm preparing to do a Fall Fair!

Today’s post is a little different than usual. I don’t have a tutorial to show you, but rather I wanted to share what I’ve been working on for the last month or so. Besides working on my home projects, at the end of August, I decided I wanted to apply for a vendor table at my local fall fair. I thought to myself “how fun would it be to sell my crafts”! Now, the fair is on October 21st which meant that I had to prepare for this event in about a month and a half. Are you catching my drift?

Can you imagine the preparation that goes in to setting up a vendor booth at one of these events! Well, I’ll give you a little synopsis. First of all, you need to have products to sell. Ok, no biggie I had brainstormed a few different things I could make easy enough. Then, there’s all the other stuff that goes into making the event successful as a vendor i.e. how-to setup the booth, what displays to use, and how to prep personally. I’ll expand a little on the details but let me show you the state of my home during this process.

Please do not judge. Yes, my living room looks like total chaos! But, it’s semi-controlled chaos. If there is such a thing. Lol. Keep in mind that the living room is open to the kitchen, and the front door opens into the kitchen. But, luckily the fair is only a couple of weeks away and things will soon be back in order.

So, what am I making?

  • Wreaths- because you always need a wreath! And I love that there are so many different ways to style them.

  • Decorative trays- because I’m just in love with decorative trays right now.

  • Mason jar organizers- because, well mason jars are just soo cute!

  • Decorative vases- because as much as I like clear vases, I love to personalize them.

  • Canvas monogram art- because monograms! Need I say more?

And a couple of tiered trays I made with thrift store finds.

How am I prepping?

  • Working on projects late into the night, after the kids are in bed. And, no I do not get to sleep in because I’m entertaining my 3-year-old during the day.

  • Shopping, shopping, and more shopping! I have to get the supplies I need to create.

  • Researching

  1. Booth staging: the booth should be attractive and tell a story

  2. Display setup: the products should look like they are in a storefront

  3. Business stuff: how will I take payments; what packaging will I need; how can people find me? (business cards)

  4. Personal stuff: what to bring for myself, i.e. comfortable footwear because I’ll be standing, water/snacks

Needless to say, I have been a busy bee! Which is why I don’t have a project for you this week. But, in the weeks to come I will be sharing a series of organizing projects focusing on the kitchen. I hope you will pray for me to have a successful event! And if you follow me on social media I’ll be sharing a couple of product sneak peeks. Thanks, and God bless!

Living Simply,