Kid friendly Closet Organization

This week I wanted to share another organizing project, and it’s of my daughters’ closet. We have two girls, and they share a bedroom. Which means double the clutter of a child’s bedroom. I’d had an idea of how to improve the closet in my mind. But, since this past summer was a struggle getting them to keep the bedroom tidy, I decided to sit with them and get their input on how to stay organized.

Together the girls and I decided that, for things to get put back in their designated place, we needed to add labels. Ok, easy enough. But, first some rearranging and additional storage was essential. And now they have no excuses, at least when it comes to the closet.

This is what it looked like before...

First I needed to remove the door...

Behind the door were a couple of storage bins that were storing outgrown and out of season clothes. 

I added curtains, with the curtain rod on the inside of the closet.

-These curtains are from Ikea. This set of 2 panels was only $9.99.

Next I added the cube storage organizer...

This organizer is also from Ikea. I got it for $30 during an Ikea family special. In the baskets (from Walmart) the girls will keep undergarments because their dresser is bursting at the seams.

-I added a smaller storage bin (which I had) on top of the cube organizer to keep outgrown clothes. This will be emptied and added to our donation bin in the basement.

On the top shelf are board games.

And these baskets hold rarely used items

The baskets are easily accessed by the girls with a step stool.

 I decided to add command hooks on each side wall (for coats).

Since we don't have a coat closet this will decrease bulk on the closet rod.

I even labeled the shoe rack...

There you have it. A little repurposing, rearranging, and added storage goes a long way to help out a small space. This closet is definitely kid friendly and was easy on the budget. I spent around $50 total including the cube storage baskets. I would love to know how you get your kids to keep tidy!

Thanks and God Bless!
Living Simply,