Small Entryway Organization

Hi, and welcome! I hope everyone had a terrific Mother's Day! Today I'm showing you my front entryway organization.

Before I start, I just want to preface with the fact that our home was built in 1925. Therefore, it came with a few quirks.

For the past three years, we've been dealing with an oddly placed heating vent directly in front of the door. We'd just been sliding an area rug over the vent in the warmer months and moving it forward for the winter, when using the heat. There's also the fact that the front door leads right in to the kitchen, thereby making clutter a huge problem.

Goals for this project:

1.     Address the vent problem

2.     Get rid of clutter

3.     Create a "command center"

Step 1: remove the bulky coat/shoe rack and replace with hooks. This hook rack cost $10 from Ocean State Job Lot (I love that place).

Step 2: address vent placement with a custom fit rug. I measured and cut out a hole to fit the vent. The rug was $4, also from Ocean State Job Lot. The vent cover was $19 at Lowes, a necessary splurge.


Step 3: relocate all paper organization systems to a central area to create a “command center”. We already had these systems in place, they were just in different spots in the kitchen.

At the last minute, I decided to paint the door yellow to match the outside. It really adds a nice balance with the gray walls. Can you tell I love yellow?

Before / After

I am so excited with how this space was transformed with some simple rearranging. The total cost for this project was $33. I now realize I need to replace the baseboard on the right, the weather strip at the base of the door, and the molding we took down to paint the walls. They’re on my to do list!

Let me know your thoughts on my front entryway organization project. Also leave a comment if you want more details about our "command center", which has saved our kitchen table from the imminent paper pile.

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!