DIY Tall Candle Holder

I'm sad to say today is the last day of #12daysofchristmascrafts. The last craft I have to share with you this Christmas is this diy tall candle holder. I have candles all over the house! I thought it would be nice to have a standout piece to display candles on. And, because I only used hot glue to put this together, I can take it apart and customize the vase filler for other seasons/holidays.

Supplies: All except for glue gun are from Dollar Tree

  • 2 different sized rounded vases 
  • 1 candlestick holder
  • 1 candle plate
  • 2 packs of mini glittered pinecones
  • glue gun

Step 1: Glue the candlestick to the bottom of the larger round vase. And fill vase with pinecones.

- I used 6 pinecones in the large vase and 4 in the smaller one.

Step 2: Glue the bottom of the smaller vase to the top of the large vase. Fill vase with pine cones left.

Step 3: Glue the candle plate to the top of the small vase. 

- To cover the excess glue around the vase (where the two are glued together) I added some green diamond wrap.

Thank you for checking out my #12daysofchristmascrafts series! It was a lot of fun! If your on Instagram don't forget to tag me @simplymindy3 if you are making Christmas crafts!

Decorative gift box tower

It's day 10 of #12daysofchristmascrafts! I have another craft inspired by yet another of my favorite You tubers. Her channel is Giftbasketappeal. Check out tutorials on gift baskets, paper crafts, modpodge crafts, wreaths, and much more! She is amazing. And if you want to learn how to make a bow with ribbon, she has the simplest tutorials ever!. 

Lets' get to the project! 


  • 3 square gift boxes of varying sizes (less than $1 each on clearance)
  • coordinating ribbon (I used 3 colors)
  • floral picks/ embellishments
  • hot glue
  • double sided tape

Step 1: Apply double sided tape to the bottom of each smaller box, and place on top of the next size box creating a tower. 

- This is so the boxes won't move when attaching the ribbon around them.

Step 2: Measure ribbon to fit around the box tower vertically, leaving some slack. Then attach ribbon to the top of each box using hot glue. Do this to each side of the tower.

- This gives a cleaner look than just having the ribbon loose around the boxes.

Step 3: Using ribbon, create a bow( I made 2) and attach to the top of the box tower. 

*The steps after this are optional, but I like the effect of the fullness with more embellishments.

Step 4: Glue a faux flower on top of the bow.

Step 5: Attach berry picks(using hot glue) on each side of the bow, facing the bows center.

Step 6: Attach greenery picks on either side of the berry pick. 

And there it is! This will be sitting on one of the side tables in my living room. It's the perfect added touch!

I hope you're finding some inspiration to do some Christmas crafting of your own! If you have, tag me on Instagram @simplymindy3 and use #12daysofchristmascrafts! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

10 Super Easy Diy Christmas Decoration Ideas

As I'm working on my own Diy Christmas Decorations, I thought I'd share some adorable, easy, and budget friendly diy projects I found on Pinterest. Most of these projects can be done with supplies from Dollar Tree! Check out these 10 Super easy Diy Christmas Decorations.

1. Make these snowman ornaments with the kids by One Little Project

2. Or mini wreath ornaments, made with mason jar lids, by Sadie Season Goods

3. Simple and easy porch decoration with recycled boxes by The Seasonal Home

4. Try these glittered candles for a simple centerpiece by Two Sisters Crafting

5. Check out these glass jar luminaries by Crafts by Amanda

6. Dollar tree decorations so simple a child could put it together, by Frugal Wife Wealthy Life

7. How about a beaded mini tree? by Mess for Less

8. Or these huge ornaments made with plastic balls, by Smart School House

9. Try a spin on the traditional wreath, by Southern Charm Wreaths

10. And this gift bag wall art couldn't get any easier! by The Crazy Craft Lady

Will you try any of these? Next week I start an Instagram series called #12daysofchristmascrafts. Follow me @simplymindy3, and tag me if you decide to diy your Christmas decorations! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.