Easy washi tape craft for kids room decor

In our family, we place an emphasis on the importance of reading. My son especially loves books. So much so, that he won’t go to bed (even at naptime) without being read to. This project was made for his bedroom to create a reading nook in a corner which was otherwise unused. This may be the simplest project I have yet to share, nevertheless it makes a statement and turned out super cute!

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This project is part of a blog challenge group I am a part of with some other fabulous diy bloggers! The challenge for this month was to use washi tape. I have always been drawn to washi because of all the cute designs and sizes of the tape, but I never really knew what to use it for. If you’ve never used washi tape, it’s essentially an extremely thin masking tape that can be easily removed.

Since washi tape is so lightweight it sticks well to paper. I thought these paper mache letters would be perfect to apply the tape to! This project was soo simple, I didn’t even need to pull out my glue gun!

Supplies used:

Paper Mache letters (to spell READ)

Washi tape in various colors

White duck tape

Craft knife/scissors


To make this easy washi tape décor, I simply applied the washi tape to each letter, alternating colors.

I chose to apply the tape diagonally to create interest. I placed the tape across the entire letter, covering the openings, then cut though to secure.


Since the tape didn’t stick as well to the paper mache letter as well as I thought it would, I used the duct tape to secure the washi around the outer edges of each letter.


I hung the letters on the wall using scotch mounting tape. And of course, to complete the reading nook I added some “shelving” using Ikea spice racks, which I painted to match his bedroom color scheme! The washi tape colors I chose also go right along with the pom pom wall décor I created for the room recently.


Now my son’s favorite books are out on display, instead of in a bin, for him to easily grab when he’s ready for story time.


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