Diy Farmhouse Fall Decor Inspired by Hobby Lobby

Do you ever go into a home goods store and see a piece you love, but the price tag is not so loveable? That is how I feel about Hobby Lobby! I am going to show you how I created 2 diy farmhouse fall décor pieces inspired by Hobby Lobby items.

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I have had so much fun creating diy fall décor this year and I got a lot of inspiration from the farmhouse décor style. I’m loving the black and white buffalo plaid print and all the burlap and twine that goes with farmhouse style.

  I created this rustic farmhouse sign using an already made sign I purchased on clearance at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars! My tip is to buy larger signs when they are priced super low on clearance, and if you don’t like the image/print you can paint over it and create your own design.


Farmhouse sign How-to:

Supplies used:

-          Premade sign (from Hobby Lobby)

-          Black and white chalk paint

-          Pumpkin stencil (from a Dollar Tree sign used in a previous project)

-          Vinyl

-          Pencil


1.       Paint – I used the black chalk paint to get a clean surface for my fall design. Be sure to use painters’ tape around the frame if you want to keep it as is.

2.       Trace - Using the pumpkin shaped piece I had on hand, I traced the outside edge onto the sign. If you want to see how I used the other part of this pumpkin sign, check out my stacked pumpkin diy!

3.       Fill – I used the white chalk paint to fill in the pumpkin shape

4.       Design – I wanted to use the quote “In all things give thanks” which is perfect for the fall season. I used my Cricut machine to create a decal, which I applied to the pumpkin.

I added my sign to a wall in which is centered between our open concept kitchen and living room and it’s the perfect size for the space!


Wood Bench Décor How-to:


-          (6) 12-inch wood lattice pieces or wooden rulers (can be found at Dollar Tree)

-          Wood stain (I used water-based wood tint by Folkart)

-          Wire handles from baskets I had on hand (a thick wire would work as well)

-          Craft sticks

-          Hot glue

You can find most of these craft supplies at Walmart!

wood-bench-decor-diy (1).jpg

1.       Prep – Stain the wood pieces on all sides and allow to dry. While the wood is drying create bench legs by bending 2 of the handles into an E shape, and the other 2 without the middle bend (it’s clearer in the picture).

diy-fall-decor-bench (1).jpg

2.       Assemble – Evenly space 3 of the wood pieces and glue the legs to what will be the bottom side of the bench with the E shaped piece towards the front.

I added the craft sticks (cut to size) to the base of the legs for more stability. Attach 3 of the craft sticks to the back of the other 3 wood pieces to create the back of the bench. Leave some hangover at the bottom to use for attaching to the bench seat.

And for extra stability I used a couple more craft sticks to create a crossbeam from one leg base to the other.

fall-decor-accent-bench (1).jpg

This cute Hobby Lobby dupe cost me absolutely nothing because I had all the pieces on hand! I would estimate the cost of supplies to be around $20 if you had to purchase everything including the glue gun. In that case I would recommend purchasing the wood bench from the store.

I styled my accent bench on my entryway table with some velvet pumpkins from Dollar Tree that look like they cost much more! If you haven’t started shopping at the dollar store for accent décor, what are you waiting for?! I always find fun filler pieces for each season for a fraction of the price of a home goods store!


I am loving these diy crafts for fall! I may share a post that includes all my diy fall décor. I’m looking forward to the holidays coming and have already started on some home décor crafts for Christmas!

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