Diy Fall Flower Arrangements

I’m sharing two diy fall flower arrangements that can serve as décor in multiple rooms of your home this season. The best part is you can use all dollar store flowers to create these, so you won’t blow your budget while decorating for fall!

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The first diy project is a fall floral centerpiece

For this faux floral centerpiece, I used one bouquet of fake flowers from Walmart and a few Dollar Tree flowers to add varying colors and textures. It’s always a good idea to use a variation of flower type in an arrangement to create a more high-end look. I’m in love with these burnt orange and maroon colors this fall!

Of course, you could always go out to the craft store and buy already made artificial flower arrangements, but that’s not very cost effective when you want to decorate your home seasonally. Unless you have lots of money to spend!


 I’m a firm believer in duplicating high end décor for a fraction of the cost. Premade floral centerpieces can range from $20 to upwards of $100 plus! Why not do it yourself and get a custom flower combination that will match your seasonal color scheme? You can find lots of easy flower arrangement ideas on Pinterest to compliment any décor style.

Here are the supplies I used to put together these artificial fall flower arrangements

Project #1

·       Metal bowl style tin (from Hobby Lobby)

·       Floral foam

·       Mum bouquet (from Walmart)


Fall centerpiece How- to:

1. Place pieces of floral foam in the base of the metal bowl –

o   Choose any type of container you have on hand to save even more! I purchased this metal bowl on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $3.99

2.  Cut single flower stems from each bunch and place into the floral foam making sure to vary placement for each color or flower type

o   I am not a professional floral designer, but I’ve found that using this method gives the look of a store-bought arrangement

Because of the shape of this metal bowl, I choose to keep most of the flowers at the same height and add the taller flowers in random spots throughout.


Project #2

·       Cornucopia basket (I found mine at Goodwill for 1.99)

·       Floral Foam

·       Spanish Moss

·    Dollar Tree silk flowers

  Here’s a list of the ones I found at my local store from the names on the tag: hydrangeas (2 different colors), mini pomegranates, sunflowers, mum, coneflower, queen anne’s lace, mini flower with grass, wheat, cattails, hop bush) I may have lost a few tags between making the flower arrangements and writing this post!


The second one of my fall flower arrangements is a cornucopia bouquet

I am using this bouquet arrangement as my fall wreath, and it has worked out perfectly once I figured out how to rig it to hang on my front door without it swinging around! I found my cornucopia at my local Goodwill store over the summer, but I’ve seen them for sale at Target for around $5.

The ones at Target are not as big as mine, but you would get the same look. It’s amazing what you can find at thrift stores to use in seasonal decorating! I’m also a fan of re-purposing and up-cycling.

dollar-tree-flower-arrangements (1).jpg

For this arrangement all the faux flowers are from Dollar Tree! I used 11 different floral picks bringing my total cost for this Dollar Tree flower arrangement to around $13. The variety of silk flowers at the dollar store is incredible this year and the quality has gotten much better over the years. I was really enamored by all the tones and textures available, which made it easy to fill my large cornucopia.

Cornucopia basket bouquet how-to:

1. Insert floral foam into the cornucopia basket, cutting foam as necessary

o   One block of foam fit very snuggly into my cornucopia, and it wasn’t necessary for me to use any glue to keep it in place

2. Trim stems from each floral bouquet and repeat the process as with the centerpiece

o   For a few of my flowers I just went ahead and inserted the entire bundle and spread out the flowers by bending the wired stems in different directions

o   Again, I didn’t do anything special to achieve the look I wanted, I simply spread out each type of flower to create a random arrangement

fall-flower-arrangements                                                                                                 ccc.jpg

The one caveat for buying online is some items are only available in bulk quantities, which isn’t a bad idea if your making floral arrangements for a wedding or other large event.

To get my “fall wreath” to hang nicely on my door was a little bit of a challenge, to say the least. Because of its odd shape I couldn’t just place it on a wreath hanger without it swinging around. Yes, I am that difficult woman who can’t just use décor as intended. Like on a table! My work around was feeding a ribbon through the top of the wicker basket and looping the ribbon around my wreath hanger. I attached another piece of ribbon to one of the bottom “feet” meant to be used for propping it on a table and looped it around an upside-down command hook attached to my door.

              *Tip: Using two hooks on your door means better security for your wreath making it so the wind can’t move it around.

I’m thinking that if I reuse this cornucopia next fall, I’ll just set it on a table! The beauty of making my own artificial fall flower arrangements is I won’t feel bad about donating the items once the season is past because I didn’t spend a lot of money in the first place.

Happy Fall Ya’ll!


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