How to create vinyl decals with Cricut

I’ve had my Cricut cutting machine for about a year now and I love all the possibilities it opens up when creating décor for my home. When I first started using my machine, I looked for tutorials to help with certain things I wanted to try and I soon realized that there were some things I’d have to figure out on my own.

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If you have been on the fence about getting a Cricut or are a beginner, I’ll be sharing a series of tutorials on all the basics to get you started on crafting your dreams!

Watch this video for the step-by-step tutorial on how to create a vinyl decal with cricut!

For this decal I used permanent Cricut premium vinyl, in the glossy sheen. If you are making a decal to put on a wall, then you will want to use removable vinyl.

What machine I’m working with:

I have the Cricut Maker which is not the latest model, yet it has more capabilities than the other machines. It’s made to cut materials like balsa and basswood along with still being able to cut standard cardstock!

Screenshot (25).png

What is vinyl?:

If you’ve never worked with vinyl, it’s essentially a thin plastic material that is made to stick to smooth surfaces. There are dozens of vinyl available from standard glossy finishes, to glitter, to patterned vinyl. The possibilities are endless when creating projects with vinyl!

Screenshot (34).png

What can you make using vinyl?:

There are too many to list, but to get you started, a few beginner projects to try are

  • wooden signs - be sure the wood is smooth and or painted to get good adhesion

  • labels - you can cut words and attach directly to baskets or containers or customize precut tags

  • wall decals - create your own custom saying for an easy décor piece on your wall (this may not work as well if you have textured walls)

Screenshot (34).png

I hope this gets you excited to start on your Cricut crafting journey!


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