Fall Mini Wreath Diy

Its officially fall! You know by now that I love using Dollar Tree products to create decor for my home, and this fall mini wreath is completely Dollar Tree made. I wanted to do something a little different and decorate the door that opens to our garage with a fall wreath. There are a lot of doors in this house and I just wanted to break it up a little. This mini wreath is the perfect solution!

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This diy fall mini wreath is so simple to put together and cost less than $5 to make using Dollar Tree supplies. This wreath would be perfect to layer on larger wall decor pieces like tobacco baskets that are so popular right now!


Fall mini wreath How-to:

Supplies: (all can be found at Dollar Tree)

  • 8 inch wire wreath form

  • 1 roll of burlap ribbon

  • 3 wood craft leaves (comes in a pack of 5)

  • metal word “thankful” (comes in a set of 3)

  • burlap wired ribbon

  • floral wire

  • hot glue

  • paint (optional)

  1. Paint 3 wood craft leaves in any color to match your fall decor. I mixed colors to get the look I wanted. * Tip: when painting small projects use the small makeup sponges from Dollar Tree to avoid having to was brushes or feel like your wasting a large foam brush.

dollar-tree-wood-craft-pumpkins (1).jpg
painted-wood-leaves (1).jpg
$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

2. While the paint dries on the leaves, take the burlap ribbon and feed it onto the wreath between the inner and outer wreath rings. You’re going the sandwich the ribbon around the center ring and pull the ribbon up and over, creating a ruffled effect.

ruffle-method (1).jpg
burlap-ruffle-wreath (1).jpg

3. To attach the wooden leaves, glue them together (arrange them on the wreath form before gluing) and add a piece of floral wire to the back using the hot glue. I used a pipe cleaner because I had it on hand, the floral wire will work just the same.

wreath-attachment (1).jpg

4. Add a bow using the wired ribbon, and attach the metal word using hot glue and floral wire. Hang your wreath and admire!


Check out Dollar Tree for lots more crafting supplies to keep your home decorated on a budget!