My favorite organizers from the Dollar Tree and How I organized my food storage containers

I mentioned before that I often rearrange things my kids put away because they aren’t in the right place or aren’t to my neatness standards! Ha! When will I learn to let go? Anyway…in an effort to get them to put the containers away properly after unloading the dishwasher (which is a daily chore for them) I used a variety of bins from the dollar store to create a container organizing system in the kitchen cabinets!

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If you haven’t shopped a Dollar Tree for organizational bins and baskets yet, you are missing out on an abundance of storage supplies for any room in your home!

Here are my top 5 favorite organizational items from Dollar Tree!

  1. Plastic slotted storage baskets with handles

    What I love about these is they are large enough to hold toys and even small children's shoes. You can definitely use these with cube organizers instead of the fabric bins so that items are visible. I’m currently using these baskets in my hall closet for hats/gloves, seasonal candles, and other miscellaneous items that don’t need to be accessed very often.



2. Essentials Woven-Look Plastic Baskets with Handles

These shallow baskets are great for office use or perfect for a command center to coral paper clutter. I’m using these in my console table(that’s part of my family command center) for my kids school work.



3. Plastic Locker Bins with Handles

I love these deep bins for use in cabinets, pantry, linen closet, bathrooms, etc.. The length of these storage bins are perfectly sized for standard depth cabinets without preventing the doors from closing.



4. Flexible White and Blue Plastic Storage Tubs with Handles

These flexible baskets are perfect for closets and bathrooms. Use these to store small kids clothes, toilet paper, snacks(in a pantry)… I have a few of these in my linen closet which I organized recently. If you want to see how I did with the Marie Kondo method, you can check out that post here.



5. Essentials Large Rectangular Drawer Organizers, 13.5x3.75x2 in.

I love these drawer organizers! They come in 4 different sizes and 2 colors (black and white). I have these is practically every drawer in my house from the utensil drawer in the kitchen to the junk drawer where I can have controlled chaos!



This list is definitely not all-inclusive of the range of organizing bins and baskets available at Dollar Tree, but these are my absolute favorite’s and must-haves whenever I start a new organizing project!

Here’s a more detailed look at my storage container cabinet!

File baskets hold coffee mugs and other slim bottles on the top shelf, and sandwich containers on the bottom shelf.


Locker style bins hold rectangular containers, and small slotted baskets hold rounded containers.


I used one of the larger slotted baskets to hold smaller baking pans on the other side of the cabinet along with my diy baking pan organizer.


My motto for organizing is that it doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to work for you!


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