Dollar Tree Rag Wreath with Succulent Planters

I’m starting on a couple of projects for my front porch, and I wanted to make a new spring/summer wreath. Since I’d been wanting to try my hand at a rag wreath I decided to create one completely from Dollar Tree products! I’m soo excited about how this project turned out and can’t wait to get it hung on our door!

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To make this Dollar Tree diy rag wreath I decided to use scarves, which the store always has in stock! I thought the faux succulent clay planters would be the perfect embellishment for this spring/summer wreath!

Here is everything I used to create this rag wreath:

You can find all of these items at Dollar Tree except for the rotary cutter. Scissors will work just fine, however it will take longer!


Watch the video tutorial here!

  1. I started by cutting the entire length of each scarf into one inch strips using the rotary cutter. I used the ruler as a straight edge to make this process smoother. This part is very time consuming, so to make the process quicker I double the scarves to cut the time in half.


2. Starting from the inner wreath ring, I tied a strip of the fabric around the first 2 loops. I then moved to the middle two loops and the last two. I tied each fabric strip in a double knot. I continued this pattern around the entire wreath form, starting from the inner rings and going outward. (I hope that makes sense!)


3. To attach the clay pots to the wreath I cut a length of the floral wire, folded it in half and put it through the hole in the bottom of the pot to secure it along the side. The wire should be long enough to use for attaching to the wreath form.


4. I used enough spanish moss to fill each clay pot and used hot glue to secure it and the faux succulents.


5. Attaching these pots to the wreath form took a little finesse since the fabric strips made the wreath very full. I had to separate the strips of fabric until I found an opening, then I secured the pots at an angle by attaching another shorter piece of the floral wire though the existing wire at the base. I alternated the angle of each succulent planter for visual interest.


I love how the clay pots create such a contrast against the black and white fabric strips! I may try some more rag wreaths in the future using different colors and patterns. I’d love to know if you decorate your front door with seasonal wreaths!


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