Dollar Tree Diy Plant Stand

After creating my macrame wall hanging, I knew I needed to add a little something extra to complete the upstairs landing. This Dollar Tree plant stand is the perfect addition!

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plant-stand-diy (1).jpg

I knew I wanted to add my boho inspired planter to this space, but I needed it to be elevated. I’d seen diy projects, done by 2 Youtube channels, using these dollar store products. I decided to make this plant stand adding my own style . I will link those videos under my own.

For this diy planter I used:

dollar-tree-pizza-pan (1).jpg

Watch the video tutorial here!

  1. To make the planter legs angled, it was really easy to push the holder down while holding the base. I spray painted them black to give the stand a hairpin leg look.

paper-towel-holders (1).jpg

2. While the spray paint was drying, I used the white chalk paint to cover the bottom side (this will be the top of the stand) of the pizza pan. It took about 3 coats to fully cover the silver.

chalk-painted-plant-stand (1).jpg

3. Once the chalk paint and spray paint were completely dry, I assembled the leg base using the zip ties. I put a zip tie at the six points where the paper towel holders met. This is very secure!

To attach the legs to the top, I used the Power-tac glue at all the points that were touching the pizza pan (the outer rounded edges and outer zip tied points). I also used hot glue to help hold everything in place while the Power-tac dried and for a little more security in a few other spots.

zip-ties (1).jpg

4. To finish it off, I added the wood beads to the outer lip of the pizza pan using hot glue. I always use Gorilla brand hot glue for projects like this for a strong hold! I love the dark stain on these beads!

stained-wood-beads (1).jpg

This Dollar Tree plant stand fits perfectly in this little corner! Give me all the rustic and boho!


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