Dollar Store Diy Fall Pumpkin Wood Decor

I love fall most of all! Ok, not really. I’m a summer girl all the way! What I do love is decorating for fall. I look forward to the changing colors of foliage, and especially the large variety of color choices for fall decor!

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fall-wood-pumpkin-diy (1).jpg

This fall pumpkin wood decor piece was inspired by a piece from Hobby Lobby. I fell in love with the Hobby Lobby piece, but I didn’t love the $30 price tag! And, though their fall decor is priced at 40% off right now, I knew I could get a similar look with Dollar Tree items for much less.

Here is what I used for this dollar store fall diy:

  • 2 stand pumpkin decor signs

  • 2 tabletop pumpkin decor signs

  • 7 Tumbling tower blocks (Dollar Tree’s version of Jenga)

  • chalk paint (grey, black and white)

  • super glue gel

  • jute twine

  • floral leaves

  • poster sticker alphabet letters

Video tutorial below!

  1. To get a clean surface to work with, I removed the textured decoration from the stand signs and sanded the glitter residue off. I then painted both sides of all four pumpkin signs with grey chalk paint. If you don’t have chalk paint, you can easily get the same effect with matte acrylic paint that cost about 50 cents at Walmart.


2. While the paint was drying I used super glue gel to attach the tower game blocks along the shorter ends to make one long piece. I painted this piece black once the glue was dry. I also painted the pumpkin stands black.

*Tip: give the glue enough dry time! My piece came apart in the middle while painting. But it was easy to glue back together.

black-chalk-paint (1).jpg

3. Once all my pieces were prepped and all the paint was dry, It was time to assemble my pumpkin decor. I used hot glue to attach the two stand pumpkins side by side. They may overlap slightly. I also attached the tumbling tower piece to the stands, in front of the pumpkins. I then attached the other tabletop pumpkins, in front of the stand pumpkins, to give it the look of varying sizes.

I hope that all made sense! If not, the pictures should make it clear.

pumpkin-fall-sign (1).jpg
wood-pumpkin-assembly (1).jpg

4. To finish off my wood pumpkin sign I used white chalk paint to give it a weathered look. I added the jute twine around each pumpkin stem by wrapping it a couple of times and tying it in a knot. I attached a leaf to the pumpkin stems using hot glue. And, finally I spelled out the word fall using stick on poster letters.

If you watch the video, you’ll see how I used an upside down j to create an f that I didn’t have!

jute-twine-embellishment (1).jpg
fall-sign-diy (1).jpg

I am very pleased with how this fall pumpkin wood decor piece turned out! What are you looking forward to this fall?

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