Diy Macrame Wall Hanging

I felt like my upstairs landing needed a little love, so instead of going with a piece of framed wall art I decided to add a little boho touch with a simple macramé wall hanging!

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To create this macramé wall hanging I used simple and inexpensive materials. I love double hoop macramé and I’ve seen it done with metal hoop rings, but I wanted a larger scale piece! I knew a small hula hoop would be perfect!

Here is everything I used for my wall hanging:

  • hula hoop (Dollar Tree)

  • 14 inch embroidery hoop

  • cable ties

  • yarn (2 colors)

  • wood tint

  1. After removing the outer wrapping from the hula hoop and staining the embroidery hoop with walnut wood tint, I attached them using a black cable tie.

I used a piece of black electrical tape to cover the hula hoop seam. And in order to hang the piece I attached a second cable tie to the first.


2. There are tons of macramé knots, and they are beautiful, but I just wanted a simple layered piece. The knot I used is called a cow hitch knot. This knot is achieved by doubling a length of yarn, placing the loop on the doubled end over and behind the hoop, then pulling the end strands through the loop. Hope that made sense!


3. I tied the lighter colored yarn to the large hoop and layered the black yarn on top. I ended up with 38 loops on the bottom and 28 on top.

To finish the ends I cut the yarn at an angle to create a V shape.


I’m definitely getting a boho meets rustic vibe from this wall hanging! And I love how the black yarn brings out the specks of black in the cream yarn. This upstairs landing feels soo inviting now!

Save this diy macramé wall hanging for later!