Unicorn rainbow using paper flowers

If you are a Cricut lover this project is for you! This is one of the projects I created for my daughters’ unicorn themed bedroom. And what goes with unicorns better than rainbows!


After scouring Pinterest for unicorn bedroom décor ideas, I knew I didn’t want to go for the standard unicorn head decorations. And since I’d been waiting to try out paper flowers, I decided this would be the perfect project to try them on!

I must warn you though, if you want to make this yourself time and patience is key! To put it in perspective, I made a total of 82 flowers for this size rainbow. Talk about Netflix and chill!


Making the flowers is pretty straight forward. You’ll want to start at the outside end of the cutout and use a quilling tool (just a fancy name for a paper rolling stick) to hold the edge of the flower while rolling in towards the center.

I made a quick little video…

To make the rainbow cutout I placed the flowers in a rainbow shape and created a template using plain copy paper, which I then used to cut out of a foam board.


To create the clouds for each end of the rainbow I printed this free clipart drawing, and cut it out to use as a template as well. I initially made larger white paper flowers for the clouds, but did not end up using them.


I glued all the paper flowers onto the foam board cutout using hot glue. To make this process go smoothly, I laid out all the flowers and then lifted each one to permanently attach it. Between each color flower, I added acrylic paint so that the white foam board would not show through.


I made two clouds, which I attached on each end of the rainbow using hot glue. After testing out several materials for the clouds, I settled on good ole’ cotton balls. I simply stretched each one to give the cloud a natural appearance.


To hang this I glued a short length of twine to the back so it would hang on a nail. In total this project was very time consuming (about 5-6 hours over a few days)! But I think it was worth it knowing my girls have a substantial piece of art in the theme they wanted, and it didn’t cost a lot of money.

Let me know if you would spend the time to make this for your daughter!


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