Linen closet organization- Marie Kondo style

If you don’t know who Marie Kondo is by now then a quick google search will tell you all you need to know. After reading her book “The life changing magic of Tidying Up” and watching a few episodes of her new Netflix show, I thought I’d try her method for myself. Here are my thoughts.


Marie Kondo’s books on organizing have millions of sales (according to google) and she now has a show on Netflix which premiered in January. Her method focuses on decluttering by only keeping items that cause joy.

I tried the KonMari method on my linen closet because it’s one of those areas that we had just placed items in after moving and never really organized. It wasn’t overly messy, but there were definitely some items that didn’t need to have a home there.


I started by removing every item that was in the closet. This is one part of Marie’s method that I like and agree with. Having everything out allowed me to identify some things that I want to use, like curtains which I now know I don’t need to buy more of! It also allowed me to purge things that would otherwise stay in there forever!

In the Konmarie method her process is to hold each item and decide if it sparks joy before keeping it, and this is where I disagree. I’ve never been someone who has trouble getting rid of material things, but for people who feel sentimental attachment to certain items I think this would be tough to do.


After sorting through #allthethings I had 3 piles. One pile was trash, the second was items I knew we wouldn’t be using and could donate, and the third was everything that would stay in the closet. Then it was time to put everything back.

Marie Kondo says you should use containers you already have, and I agree. I think it’s a good idea to use what you have, as long as it’s functional, before buying new storage systems. Don’t buy bins and baskets, until you’ve identified everything you need to store.


One area of the Konmarie method I’m undecided on is the folding. I like her method of folding, until the item can stand upright, for sheets and towels. I’m just not sure if this is sensible for clothing in general. Maybe I just don’t have the patience!


If you’ve been considering the KonMarie method I’d say go for it! But also take it for what it is and make it work for you! I believe anyone can get organized by first identifying what is causing clutter in a particular area, and then putting a system in place to keep clutter at bay and stop it from becoming overwhelming.


Save and share!