Easy and cheap spring decor ideas

Spring is around the corner! Eek! I get soo excited for this time of year when we start to see a transition in the weather. Being a warm weather person, I can’t wait to change up my home décor to reflect the change in seasons. Here are three quick and easy décor ideas for spring!

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These spring decorations are made from items you can easily find at your local Dollar Tree, and are super simple to put together!

  1. Twine eggs

    Wrap natural colored jute twine around plastic Easter eggs, and secure with hot glue, to create a rustic accent. You can add these to a vase, bowl or lantern. There are endless possibilities!

*PRO TIP: use silicone finger guards to avoid hot glue burns!


I added these to a rounded vase with some floral moss in the base to pair with my kitchen table centerpiece.


2. Moss eggs

Floral moss is a lot messier to work with, but the end result is beautiful!

  • To make these, add hot glue in sections and place a bunch of moss onto the glue while patting firmly.

  • When each eggs is completely covered, trim any excess moss to make it neat.


I’m displaying my moss eggs in this cute little bunny on my entryway table!


3. Mini floral wreath

You’ll need:

Start by cutting the stems off of each bouquet. Then simply insert each stem between the wreath vines, and secure with floral wire if needed. Make a double bow using the lace ribbon, and add the burlap ribbon to create a hanger.


The wreath is my favorite! I used a piece of duck tape to attach it to the mirror in my entryway. I may think about keeping it up through the summer!


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