Diy Charging Station

As I was planning out my family command center project, I decided a charging station for electronic devices would be essential to minimizing cord clutter throughout the house. We have 3 kids, so that means multiple devices, and multiple charging cords! I can hardly even call this project a diy, it’s more of a hack. Nonetheless, it may give you an idea to use something in your home for a purpose other than it’s intended use.

I came across this wooden desk organizer, as I was browsing in my local thrift store recently, and thought it would be perfect to use as a family charging station!

I had almost given up on looking for an existing piece to transform and was thinking of creating my own wooden organizer using scrap wood. Well I’m sure glad it didn’t have to come to that because it would’ve been a lot more work! This $5 thrift store find became a multiple device charger with just a couple of simple tweaks.


To turn this piece into a charging station I needed to create openings to feed the cords through for each electronic device. Since the desk organizer has three compartments, I used my drill and a 1 inch spade bit( a fancy name for a drill attachment that creates a perfect circle) to make holes on either side of the back and then through the middle dividing piece. The pictures should clarify this!


The longest part of this process was waiting for paint to dry! After cleaning up the dusty mess from drilling the holes, I gave my family charging station a fresh coat of paint using my favorite no-prep furniture paint by Vintage and Restore! I used this same paint for my son’s toy box makeover and my kitchen cart project. For the command center I have a black and dark wood theme going, so I chose to paint this piece black.


And that’s all she wrote! Lol. If you are creating a command center for your home or even just looking for a charging station I hope this inspires you to take something you already have in your home and customize it to serve your current needs.