Faux succulent arrangement - Table centerpiece

I'm wanting to add more green into my home décor, but since I don't have a green thumb faux plants will have to do! I created this faux succulent arrangement using succulents from the Dollar Tree. The best part of this centerpiece is there is no water required!

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My faux succulent arrangement only required a few supplies:


I wanted my centerpiece to look like a wood box. You know, the one's that you see in all the farmhouse décor nowadays. These jumbo craft sticks worked perfectly to create this faux wood box! 

I cut off the rounded ends of the sticks and cut to fit the size of my shoebox. I made sure to attach the craft sticks to both longer sides before measuring for the short ends. I used hot glue to attach the sticks onto the shoebox.


Once all the craft sticks were attached, I "stained" the box using wood tint. The color is walnut. This tint is soo much easier than actual wood stain, and it's water based which means easy clean up! I simply brushed on the tint, let it sit for about 30 seconds and then wiped off any excess with a paper towel. If you want to use wood stain you can check out my diy wood shelves.


Once my box was complete, I glued the floral foam into the bottom of the box, covered the foam with the moss (filling in any gaps), and placed the succulents in the arrangement I wanted. Dollar Tree has 2 types of succulents in the stores. These are the ones that come in a small planter. You can easily pull them out of the base which is made of foam. Be prepared to have a mess after working with the spanish moss!


This arrangement is small enough to be put anywhere in your home. I could see it on a console table, coffee table, mantel, etc. For me, it will fit perfectly on my kitchen table!


Want to create your own faux succulent arrangement? 

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