Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How to use Modpodge to turn a plastic container into a vase

I recently joined a group of bloggers in a monthly diy challenge. This month the challenge was to create something using modpodge. You can check out the other projects at the links down below.

I decided I would repurpose a plastic container (one of the many I've been hoarding since my newfound upcycling inspiration) that originally contained protein powder. I love the square shape of this container, which makes it a unique vase.

Here are the supplies I used for this project:
  • plastic container
  • wrapping paper
  • modpodge
  • paint (closely matching the background color of the paper)
  • brush (either sponge or soft bristle work well)
  • water
  • embellishments

Before I started of course, I washed the container thoroughly to rid it of any smell. 

1. Paint the outside of the container. This helps any other colors on the paper show up better.

2. When the paint is completely dry, measure the paper and cut to size to cover the container.

 - I cut the paper in pieces to fit each side of the container. I did not cover the bottom or top edge of the container.

3. Now the modpodge process:
I ended up using matte modpodge (not the gloss one pictured)
  • use sponge to apply a thin layer of modpodge onto the container
  • wet the paper and shake off excess water, then apply over the modpodge (smooth out any air bubbles)
  • while paper is still damp, apply another layer of modpodge over top and let dry completely

- do not put too much pressure on the brush when applying modpodge as to not remove any paint and or tear the paper
- wetting the paper is optional, but very effective. I learned this trick from a youtube video. It makes it easier to mold the paper to the surface and reduces wrinkling

 Repeat step 3 for each side of the container, overlapping the paper as necessary

4. Add embellishments to your hearts desire! You can get creative here using glitter, bling, sequins etc.
I added twine (using hot glue), starting around the opening of the container and wrapping until the corners were overlapping.

I also added a ribbon along each corner to cover up the overlapping paper.

What do you think? I am loving the look of the twine draped over the sides of the container. And these peachy peonies from Dollar Tree match perfectly with the paper!

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