Wednesday, February 21, 2018

DIY Easter Wreath

I am soo excited for the spring season to begin. I am a person who is always cold. So, it makes me very happy to see the weather start warming up after frigid winters in New England. I decided to add some color to our front door by adding a simple Easter wreath.

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Here are the supplies I used for this project:

  • 21 inch roll of deco mesh *Dollar Tree carries 6 inch rolls*
  • 2 rolls of wired ribbon
  • 1 pack of foam egg ornaments
  • 14 inch wire wreath form
  • chenille stems In coordinating color
  • scissors

You can find all of these (except for the 21 inch mesh) at Dollar Tree.

To start you will need to create a work wreath.

1. Cut about 9 or 10 chenille stems in half and attach to the wired form by twisting about 2 times onto itself. Be sure to space the chenille stems evenly, and attach to one of the inner rings and one outer.

Check out other wreath forms available at

2. Take the mesh and bunch it along the width, then secure onto the frame with one of the stems.

3. Measure about 9 inches away from the first stem and bunch the mesh again, creating a pouf between each stem. Fluff each pouf as you go. When you come to the end, cut the mesh and tuck the excess in the back of the wreath form.

 - Repeat this step until you are completely around the wreath form.

Now it's time for embellishments!

4. Cut the wired ribbon in 12 inch lengths, and create a dovetail by folding the wire in and cutting a triangle out of the right side of the ribbon. Attach the ribbon by untwisting the stems and adding in the ribbon before twisting to secure again.

There are soo many options for ribbon

5. Add the egg ornaments by looping the hanging string onto the stem, and securing the stem under the mesh.

Now hang your wreath and think about all the sunny days ahead! I'd love to know how you're decorating for Easter. 

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