Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Budget Under Kitchen Sink Organizing

My kitchen is the first room you enter when you open the front door. So, it's only natural that clutter accumulates here. Not only is there clutter on surfaces (which there aren't a lot of), but in the cabinets as well. And while the clutter is generally kept to a minimum (because it is an open area), I know I can get a few areas tidier. 

To start I'm tackling under the kitchen sink. And, I'll warn you now, it's not pretty! But, this is real life. And until we can update the kitchen this is what I'm working with. 😜

To start, I removed everything that was directly under the sink. The shelf to the left goes into a corner and I only keep trays and large bowls that don't fit anywhere else. I did have some jars and cans I've been keeping to upcycle. Those went into a box in the basement until I can get to those projects.

With a clean slate, I started from the back right corner and worked my way to the left. 

  • This shelf riser was previously used in the pantry. It fit perfectly between the water pipe and cabinet wall.

The narrow basket, from Dollar Tree is holding a roll of trash bags. The name brand roll of 45 fits in here like a dream!

And under the shelf riser are things I don't need regularly.

I kept this cleaning caddy (which is actually a shower caddy) in the front because these are my day to day cleaners.

To the left of the shelf riser I added another narrow basket to hold extra cleaners and spray bottles.

In the left hand corner I added a second shelf riser with a shallow basket underneath.

On this riser I have extra dish soap and a couple of spray bottle I use for diy cleaners.

In the basket I'm keeping extra sponges, scrubbers, and extra hand soap.

In the front left I added one more basket (which I had collecting dust in the basement) to keep our water bottles.

And finally, the space left in the front was a perfect fit for my girls' school lunch boxes. It is easy to reach, and makes our school lunch prep easy on everyone.

All in all, I only spent $4 on a few baskets and a shelf riser to take this space from cluttered to functional. When it comes to organizing, it doesn't have to be pretty and perfect, it just has to function for your needs. I hope this inspires you to take control of a cluttered space!

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