Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dual sided Mirrored Vanity Tray Diy

I get inspired in different ways to create décor pieces for my home. YouTube diy videos are one of the sources that sparks ideas for me. And, this project was inspired by a you tuber who created a mirrored tray. Her tray was uniquely different from other mirrored tray projects I had seen. She used a wired ribbon to create a tray border.

When I saw her video, I knew I had just the thing to create my own version of a mirrored tray. You won’t believe what I repurposed (from home renovation scraps) to create this tray. And, I even took it a step further and made this a dual-purpose project that only cost me $3. I am so happy with how this came out, and it’s a great addition to my dresser.

Here’s what I did…

I started with these supplies

-2 framed mirrors

- wall decal

- gold thumb tacks

- gold spray paint

- a vinyl corner bead (used in construction to reinforce drywall corners)

- heavy duty scissors

- ruler

Step 1: measured the vinyl to fit the outer edge of the frames and cut to size

-You end up with 2 long pieces and 2 shorts

Step 2: cut 2 mitered corners on each piece of vinyl

-I cut each angle inward to create a 45 degree angle

Step 3: spray painted the frames in metallic gold

Step 4: glued the frames back to back, after reassembling the framed mirrors

-I used super glue for this step, but I think even hot glue would do

Step 5: I added the wall decal to the mirror that would be the bottom of the tray

-I initially put the decal on the wrong way (lol), but I fixed it later

Step 6: attached the vinyl bead to the frame using the thumb tacks

-I attached the tacks to the center hole (alternating each hole) on the straight edged side. I did this around the entire frame. 

Step 7: attached gold beaded ribbon (using hot glue) to each corner to cover up the jagged edges

Step 8: attached flat glass gems on the bottom mitered corners using hot glue

And here is the result. A dual purpose mirrored vanity tray/ framed mirror décor!

I am totally loving the look of this. I plan on using this as a tray for now, but I have the option of simply turning it over and using it as décor. I hope this inspires you to create your own unique décor piece. Let me know what you think. And until next time, thanks and God bless!

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