Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Small Bathroom Organizing

I know I’m not the only one in the world with a small bathroom. But, you know what comes with a small bathroom? A small vanity! Which means a small space for storage. But, don’t be discouraged, you can make the most of the space you have by getting creative with organization.

As part of our recent home renovation, we had our first-floor half bath upgraded to a full (by adding a shower). Now, that doesn’t mean we gained more space for a larger vanity. But, it’s still an upgrade nonetheless. And not having to share a bathroom with the kids makes it all worth it. So, today I’m sharing how I set up the vanity to maximize storage and keeps things neat and organized.

Since I started with a blank slate, this project was easier to tackle.

I started with the drawers, and simply added bins from the Dollar Tree.

-This is the top drawer with the daily essentials…

-The middle drawer holds hair accessories and combs/brushes.

-And lastly, the lesser used items and unmentionables.

Next, I took advantage of the vertical space under the sink by using stackable bins I had initially gotten to use in the pantry. They were 2.99 for the pack of 3.

-I’m storing all my hair creams, conditioners, etc. in the bins. If you’re a curly haired person you know these are essential!

I also added acrylic organizers to store my nail polish, after realizing I wasn’t putting them to use when I had them stored in a covered container.

To finish it off, I added this magazine holder (which was collecting dust in the basement) to the door because I just love this life hack!

-It's attached to the door with the wired command hooks.

I hope you’re able to use to some of these ideas in your own space!  This cost around $13 including the command hooks. I'd love to know if you would do anything differently. Thanks, and God bless!
Living Simply