Friday, August 25, 2017

How to make a Mini Vase

I love flowers! But, I don't like to buy fresh flowers because they eventually shrivel up and die. I believe that fresh flowers are meant to be outdoors where they can flourish and thrive. Just sayin'. I say all that to say, I did this project because I wanted to display a vase with flowers in my kitchen window (above the sink). 

The problem with trying to put a vase above the sink was the fact that there is no ledge to sit anything on. Pinterest to the rescue! I came across a mini vase that someone made out of salt and pepper shakers. The pin had individual shakers as one vase, but I took it a step further.

Take a look...

Here are the some of the supplies. I also used glue and twine.

-The only purchase was one set of the shakers. I had one from a previous project.


Painted each shaker. I applied two coats of paint.

-To make this project quicker leave the shakers clear

Step 2:

Glued the shakers horizontally using epoxy glue

- This glue sets in about 30 minutes. You could also use hot glue.

Step 3:

Wrapped twine around the opening to make it look like one piece.

-I secured the twine with hot glue.

Step 4:

Added flowers.

Isn't it the cutest thing? I just love that it matches my décor now, but I can just change out the flowers seasonally or whenever I feel like it. And the best part? I only spent $1 because I had all the other supplies on hand!

As always, thanks and God bless!

Living Simply
Mindy ✿

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