Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Easy Painted Countertop

I had not been planning on painting my countertops, but after I finished painting the backsplash the counters were just screaming “please update me”! The countertops are laminate and they have seen better days. So, since painting the backsplash was successful, I did not think twice about painting the countertop too. I know, you’re probably thinking “she’s crazy…painting the backsplash and countertops!”, but I am happy with the result.

Now, I know there are hundreds of kits out there that you can buy to do this. But, for the sake of time and budget I decided to go with a technique I found on Pinterest using some plain ole acrylic paint. And, just fyi, I was not going for a granite look. I was going for more or less a quartz look.

Here’s what I did

Supplies used
  • acrylic paints (various shades of grey)
  • primer
  • polycrylic sealer
  • dish sponge
  • foam roller
  • stain/varnish brush

Step 1:

Prepped the countertop by taping edges with painter’s tape, wiping it down with rubbing alcohol, then sanding lightly

-I cleaned the sanding dust with a microfiber cloth

Step 2:

Painted the primer on using a foam roller, and a brush for the smaller areas

Step 3:

While the primer was drying, I played with patterns on a piece of paper until I was happy with one

-In the end, I did not end up using the darkest colored paint

Step 4:

Used the sponge to dab on each color in varied patterns

-After the third color, it looked a little blue, so I went back over with the darker color

Step 5:

Sanded lightly and sealed with polycrylic (I did 2 coats)

this is the satin finish while still wet (was kind of dull when dry)

*I initially used the satin finish polycrylic, but ended up getting the gloss finish.

And there you have it! I let the top coat dry for 24 hours, but I didn’t put anything on the counters for a few days just because I was nervous about ruining it. I ended up using my craft knife to cut along the edges of the painters tape so I wouldn’t peel up the polycrylic.

In total, I spent just under $40 because I got both finishes of polycrylic. If I had just gotten the gloss finish it would have cost just under $30. If I were to do this again, I would skip the stain brush and just get the foam roller because it applied the finish much more evenly.

I would love to know what updates your making to your home! Again, thanks and God bless.

Living Simply,


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