Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tiny Space Craft Storage

I have always had a love for crafting and creating. But in the recent months, since starting these home projects, I have accumulated considerably more craft supplies. And while it is necessary to have these supplies on hand to complete projects, I don’t really have a dedicated “craft space”. Therefore, I had to get creative about storage. And I found the prefect space in the stairway to our basement.

To say this is not a pretty space would be an understatement. This project was purely for the sake of getting supplies put away and having a set home for these items. But, although it isn’t attractive, I am still happy with the turnout. I love identifying spaces that are usable in our cozy home. Plus, I found a way to do it on a very small budget!

Here is what I did…

Step 1: attached these wire wall hooks with the included screws. I only got three, but I have space to add on if needed.

Step 2: hung a variety of different sized baskets. I moved them around until I was satisfied with the placement.

Step 3: placed the items I wanted to organize in each basket.

And I was done!

This project cost $11, and all items (except the small blue bin from Walmart) were from Dollar Tree. Now, I could have gone crazy and spray painted all the baskets to match, but the basement is primarily used for storage and is not accessed by anyone other than myself and my husband. I am a firm believer of doing what works for you!

Do you have an overflow of things that you just have no place for? Maybe you can identify some “negative” space in your home and get creative about storage. Let me know what you come up with! Thanks, and God bless!

Living Simply,


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